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ABET TECH Company is a new Distributor for Telecommunication products; mainly focused on Italian small and medium size TELCO Customers, it represents a portfolio of solutions covering in particular Access Networks and Business Telecommunication Services.

Basing on a very long technical and commercial experience, with deep expertise in Telecom Operators market segment, ABET TECH's innovative business model provide huge advantages both to its target Customers, and to its represented Manufacturer's too.

TELCO Customers benefit of ABET TECH's professional approach to  commercial and tecnical advicing, focusing on a very specific and tailored portfolio of solutions, perfectly fitting their needs; the suggested products are specifically designed and manucfactured by original Vendors to cover Telecom Operators needs and technical specifications. All of the products have b
een previously installed and tested in the field in huge quantities by similar Customers, before being included in ABET TECH's portfolio.

Thanks to its experience and deep presence in the addressed market segment, ABET TECH provides its Customers with a great added value, supporting and helping them in making the best choices in terms of products sourcing and new services building.
The portfolio of solutions spans all over Business services fields, moving from micro/SoHo Business Customers, passing through SME/SMB, and finally landing to LARGE/TOP Business Customers.

All of the selected products warrant the best quality/price ratio thanks to the big volumes distributed worldwide by the original Manufacturers, and thanks to ABET TECH's efficient organization model.

Represented Manufacturers benefit as well of ABET TECH's activity,
being in the position to address in a profittable and professional way new market segments, and increasing their visibility and brand recognition.

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